We had the privilege of providing coverage for the Royal Diwali Gala. This amazing event was organized by the beautiful members of the Guelph Punjabi Cultural Group. 

The sold out crowd gathered at the Hanlon Convention Centre to celebrate Diwali and raise money to bene...


Been a long time since I've been to Ottawa.  Saw a lot of awesome spots for outdoor photo shoots, that's for sure.  The views were incredible, but the pot holes were special. lol. (do watch out, cause I've seen them a foot deep), though I guess that would be expected a...


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Wow! I've said it before, and will say it again. Every puppy is so unique.  Capturing them in full action chasing a lure on the DogLoversDays lure course is just total awesomeness this past weekend! Here are a few shots to get us started :) A full gallery will be poste...


Wow.  Talk about doggy overload! Every single "puppy" at the show did their absolute best in making their way around the lure course with DogLoversDays.  Some flew while others checked out the course in detail for next time :)  Here are some of the action shots from th...


Now I know why! Couldn't be more honored in capturing all the action from the Jason Cripps Hockey Tournament over the four days before the new year. Absolutely blessed. I have also never seen so many families committed to such an athletic game. From six year olds that...


Can you believe that Christmas is less than two months away??? Crazy how time flies! We have our Christmas special on now and have some openings available. Contact us today! 


Fall, hands down, has got to be the best season for photos. This year was no exception. Not only did we have such vibrant colours, but the weather held up beautifully. The kids absolutely loved playing in the large pile of leaves. Here are some amazing shots we capture...


Denver.  Denver. Denver.  Boy this puppy is full of life, very energetic and uber photogenic.  Had so much fun shooting him.  The smiles that were cracked are still etched in our memories.  Post processing was very exciting.  How can you make a great photo even better?...


We recently launched our Facebook page and are extremely overwhelmed with the love and support you guys have provided. It is a great pleasure to be doing what we love and enjoy! We love capturing your special moments and creating timeless memories for you. Please conti...


What's better than babies? Photographing babies that's what! At only eight days old, she was already a pro! She was so peaceful and quiet during her shoot. We absolutely loved photographing her. 


This little fella turned one years old. He loves cake! Oh what a mess he made! 


Aren't bulldogs great? This guy was fun to work with. He loved having his pictures taken as much as being covered in kisses by his parents. Check out the smile on him!


We were so excited to work with this beauty! She was so great and had awesome dance moves! Best part about the her? The freckles!