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Thanks for All the Love

We recently launched our Facebook page and are extremely overwhelmed with the love and support you guys have provided. It is a great pleasure to be doing what we love and enjoy! We love capturing your special moments and creating timeless memories for you. Please continue to check our Facebook page for news and updates.

Did you know that we also photograph pets! Pets are a part of our families and they deserve to shine in their own photoshoot! Stay tuned for our latest pet photoshoots.

Speaking of families, our very own kid photographer (Jadian), will be featured in an upcoming episode of Snapshots. Snapshots is a show about kid photographers with a passion for the art. Each episode features a theme and challenges for these photographers to capture the best picture ever. Stay tuned after the show to participate in a photo contest where Jadian and the other kids from the show will be the judges. We are very excited and proud of Jadian's achievements and can't wait for you to watch him in action. Check out our Facebook page for behind the scenes photos. Jadian's episode will air September 17th at 9am on Kids CBC.

Thanks again for the love and support!

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