Been a long time since I've been to Ottawa. Saw a lot of awesome spots for outdoor photo shoots, that's for sure. The views were incredible, but the pot holes were special. lol. (do watch out, cause I've seen them a foot deep), though I guess that would be expected as the winter months here are atrocious. Well, what can I say about the awesome weekend we had. Both days were sunny with a bit of cloud here and there, but the 28+ degree weather didn't keep anyone home, that's for sure. Such an awesome start to the summer! Huge shout out to all the puppies (I call all dogs puppies, cause in ways they always are) and their loved one's who waited patiently in the sun to see them run (or walk) through the agility course, even if just once! Sunday was super hot, and the water around the Festival was always welcoming. Thank you to everyone who continuously brought me cold water to stay fresh! Here are a few shots from the weekend. Ottawa 2017 Day 1 & Ottawa 2017 Day 2 folders to come, under our Client Sign In Page, here on our site. (Photos may still be purchased @ $30/digital file or two for $50). Do check back to see all the different kinds of dogs that get to enjoy our Nations Capital on the daily! Ottawa. See you in 2018!

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